Youth and children in Greer will have a cool summer.

The Greer Police Department is distributing $1,000 of Pelican Bucks to be used at Pelican’s Snoballs to purchase any of their shaved ice products.

Will Freeman, a franchisee of the business, made the donation at last month’s Public Safety Appreciation dinner. Greer police have begun passing out small gift bags while on patrol.

“This partnership provides a segue for the Greer Police Department to interact in a positive manner with children and youth in our community,” said Lt. Patrick Fortenberry.

“With the hot weather we have been having I am sure this will be a hit with the children and youth in our community.”

Pelican’s Snoballs are located at 102 Park Avenue. A second location will open at 846 S. Buncombe Road later this month.

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