Starbucks is raising the price of brewed coffee, as much as 20 cents

Starbucks is raising the price of brewed coffee by as much as 20 cents at most company operated stores. Espresso and specialty drinks remain unchanged, according to published reports.

A basic cup of coffee will likely be more than $2. The company said a majority of its stores are selling a tall brewed coffee for $2.15, up from $1.95 in most markets including cafes in Southern California.

“In 97 percent of our stores, majority of the beverages such as Latte, Mocha, Tea Latte, Iced Coffee, Frappuccino, Iced Tea, Cold Brew and Nitro remain untouched,” the company said in a statement.

In the past year, Starbucks increased prices 1 to 2 percent, which the company said was “on par” with industry practices and in line with “food away from home inflation.”

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