Lt. Chad Richardson promoted to command position with GPD


Lt. Chad Richardson has professed his passion for his job at the Greer Police Department, serving the community for 17 years with the GPD and his love for all things Greer.

“I just simply love Greer and everything about this place,” Richardson said. “I grew up here, went to Greer High School and have seen a lot of my friends develop successful businesses and serve our community.”

Oh, did you read the title in front of Richardson’s name – Lieutenant.

Richardson was promoted earlier this month to a command position within the GPD. He will be working in administration and be a liaison between officers and administrators.

“This a career professional move and he’s looked as a manager of an (operations) agency,” Hamby said. “He’s part of the command staff.”

“Chad separated himself through the process and with his experience,” Chief Matt Hamby said. “Chad has really worked hard and has strong values in community policing.”

Five candidates from within the department sought the promotion. “All five were top candidates,” Hamby said. “We’re lucky to have had five candidates.”

“It was very competitive,” Richardson said of the process. “We all wanted it. We compete for all these things and these guys are my buddies.”

Richardson graduated in May with his Masters from Command College of South Carolina at Anderson University. The degree is geared toward law enforcement management and an emphasis on executive leadership.

When Richardson learned of his promotion he said the first call was to his wife, Jamie. “Are you kidding? They have been there for me all this time,” Richardson said. They have three sons, Hunter, Jacob and Christian.

Richardson endured his same schedule as the lead for the Community Outreach team. When City Council would often hold lengthy executive sessions he would be on duty until its end and chat about the job responsibilities and the demands of attending and producing a large amount due during his courses at Anderson.

Richardson has worked his way through law enforcement from patrol, school resource officer (Greer High School) and Community Outreach. He aggressively established neighborhoods through watch programs, community meetings and with non-profits and the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce.

Lt. Chad Richardson promoted to command position with Greer Police Department.

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