Big turnout sees dancing horse, dj, marching bands at Christmas Parade

A deejay provided Christmas music.


The Greer Christmas Parade was held in picture perfect weather with almost 100 entries entertaining thousands of viewers lining the 1.1-mile route.

There was plenty of candy handed out to children and there no reports of silly string sprayed on parade visitors or aimed from vehicles. An ordinance was passed several years ago when City Council received one complaint.

Here are some observations around our viewing light pole today:

• Where was Gee? No one observed him at the parade as advertised.

• Grand Marshalls belong in a convertible not inside visible to viewers on the passenger side. But congratulations Justin Ludley. You are making a big difference at Greer High School.

• Jeeps should be held to a maximum entry, at least the same number as the Corvette Club – we counted 14. We lost count of the Jeeps and how many minutes from end to end.

• Funniest float was the C & J Portable Toilets with the Grinch’s picture aside the words – No Stink Stank Stunk Here!

• Kids gladly took the Pelham Medical Center handouts, then passed the bandaids to their parents, who appreciated them.

• Let’s have a name the boat contest City Administrator Ed Driggers travels with on water and land.

• Super cool! The Craze-E Crane deejay atop a truck’s cab playing music.

• Loudest fire truck horn went to the Tyger River Fire District.

• LOUDEST horn from Grading and Hauling PanCo. We mean two hands to the ears loud.

• Hey, where were the Star Wars people from?

• Just wondering, were the Corvairs (four) the only ones left in America?

• A Christmas parade without a John Deere tractor ….

• …. Is a Christmas parade without Santa Claus.



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