46% of dads really want a gift card for Father’s Day

Tempted to gift dad another tie this year or tool for his growing collection? Forty-six percent of dads really want a gift card on his special day according to a consumer cashback site.

Seventy-four percent of Americans plan to purchase a Father’s Day gift and 84 percent aim to spend between $1 and $100 on the paternal figure(s) in their lives.

What dad really wants on Father’s Day:

Gift card (46%)

Spending quality time with the kids (29%)

Breakfast, lunch and/or dinner (26%)

Electronics (25%)

Participating in a family activity (19%)

Least favorite gifts, voted by dad:

Jewelry (2%)

Appliances (4%)

Music (5%)

Movies (6%)

Books (7%)

Americans plan to gift dad:

Breakfast, lunch and/or dinner (33%)

Gift card (30%)

Greeting card (27%)

Spending quality time with Dad (26%)

Clothing (22%)

• The survey polled a cross section of 1,480 adults, aged 18 and over, on their purchasing habits for June 17.


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